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English is the global language of communication, business, and education. Mastering English is essential for success in today's world. That's why UNIRAZAK offers a comprehensive English program that prepares students for various careers and academic pursuits. Whether you're a native or non-native speaker, our program has something to offer.

Our English program offers courses at different levels, from beginner to advanced. You can choose the ones that best meet your needs and interests, whether you're looking to improve your basic language skills or prepare for academic or professional success. Our English program leverages the latest technology to enhance the learning experience. From online resources and interactive software to multimedia presentations and virtual classrooms, we use technology to make learning English engaging and effective.

Programmes available in the area of English Study

Our English programmes emphasize using innovative teaching methods backed by research, including project-based learning, peer-to-peer learning, and experiential learning. You will learn in a dynamic and engaging environment that will help you improve your language skills quickly and effectively. Our English program is housed in modern facilities that enhance your learning experience. We provide access to the latest technology, multimedia resources, and study spaces to help you achieve your language learning goals.

UNIRAZAK commits to providing students with a comprehensive English programme to help them achieve their language learning goals. Our English program prepares students for significant career paths, from journalism and publishing to teaching and translation. The skills you'll gain in our program – including solid communication skills, critical thinking, and cultural awareness – will be valuable in any career path you choose.
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