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PhD Supervisor Profile

Assistant Professor
Dr. Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin
Academic Qualification

B. of Applied Science (Mathematics and Economics)(Universiti Sains Malaysia), 2004

M. of Science (Statistics) UNiversiti Sains Malaysia), 2005

PhD (Applied Statistics) Universiti Malaya 2014

Academic Involvement

Lecturer, Kolej Universiti Teknologi dan Pengurusan Malaysia, 2005-2007

Lecturer, Management & Science University, 2007-2008

Matriculation Lecturer, International Islamic University Malaysia, 2008-2010

Lecturer, International Islamic University Malaysia, 2010-2014

Asst. Professor, International Islamic University Malaysia, 2014-2018

Research and Publication

Hasan Husna, and Azrul Fazwan Bin Kharuddin. “Exceedance Problems For Critical Branching Processes.”, (Journal articles), 2005

Azrul Fazwan bin Kharuddin, Noor Azina Ismail, Graphing Calculator Aided Assessment in Math Classroom: Statistical Perspective, British Journal of Educational Technology., (Journal Article), 2012

Azrul Fazwan bin Kharuddin, Noor Azina Ismail, Mathematics and Technology-Aided Education in Malaysia, Canadian Journal of Education, (Journal Article), 2015

Kharuddin, Azrul Fazwan, and Noor Azina Ismail. “Graphing calculator exposure of mathematics learning in a partially technology incorporated environment.” Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education 13, no. 6 (2017): 2529 -2537, 2017

Nurul Hasyiqin Fauzi,Widya Lestari,Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin,Yunita Dewi Ardini, Nonsyndromic tooth agenesis: pattern and distribution in permanent dentition among IIUM dental polyclinic patients, International Medical Journal Malaysia , (Journal Article), 2018

Noraini Abu Bakar,Khairani Idah Mokhtar,Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, Identification of PAX9 single nucleotide polymorphism in class iii malocclusion patients with mandibular prognatism, International Medical Journal Malaysia (2018)

Khairani Idah Mokhtar,Noraini Abu Bakar,Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, Determination of RUNX2 single nucleotide polymorphism RS6930053 in class i, ii and iii malocclusions, International Medical Journal Malaysia (2018)

Saada, Muhammadazril Mohd, Nur Amin Abd Rahmana, Khairani Idah Mokhtarb, Kharuddin, Azrul Fazwan and Noraini Abu. “Preliminary study of PAX9 single nucleotide polymorphism (rs8004560) in patients with Class II skeletal base malocclusion contributed by mandibular retrognatism.” Archives of Orofacial Science13, no. 2 (2018): 112-118.

Yahya, Siti Nazirah, Nurul Syafiqah Abdul Razak, Khairani Idah Mokhtar, Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, and Noraini Abu Bakar. “A Preliminary Study on MYO1H Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (rs10850110) in Mandibular Prognathism in Malay population.” Journal of International Dental and Medical Research 11, no. 2 (2018): 607-613.

Kharuddin, A. F., Mustafa, Z., Azid, N., Kharuddin, D., Ibrahim, K. F. K., Hong, L. Y., … & Zahri, Z. A. (2019). Comparison of registration status of Institutional Taska services in East Coast Malaysia. Southeast Asia Early Childhood Journal, 8(2), 57-62.

Fauzi, N. H., Lestari, W., Kharuddin, A. F., & Ardini, Y. D. (2019). Prevalence, pattern and distribution of non-syndromic tooth agenesis in permanent dentition among Malaysian population. Materials Today: Proceedings, 16, 2204-2209.

Bakar, N. A., Jayah, N. I., Mohamed, N. R., Ali, S. M., Nasir, S. H., Hashim, R., & Kharuddin, A. F. (2020). The effectiveness of pure Stichopus horrens extract toothpaste in reducing plaque-induced gingivitis following orthodontic bonding: A triple-blinded randomized controlled trial. Journal of the World federation of orthodontists, 9(1), 3-8.

Kharuddin, A. F., Azid, N., Mustafa, Z., Ibrahim, K. F. K., & Kharuddin, D. (2020). Application of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) in Estimating the Contributing Factors to Satisfaction of TASKA Services in East Coast Malaysia. Asian Journal of Assessment in Teaching and Learning, 10(1), 68-76.

 Affandi, T. M. I. M. S., Ismail Said, A. F., Rasidi, H., & Za’bar, Z. (2020). Designing Children’s Artwork Performance Model for Primary School Environment in Malaysia. Built Environment, 17(2), 95-104.

Kharuddin, A. F., Azid, N., Mustafa, Z., Kamari, M. N., Ibrahim, K. F. K., & Kharuddin, D. Determination of Sample Size in Early Childcare Centre (TASKA) Service Project in Malaysia: Classification and Analytical Approach. Albukhary Social Business Journal (2020)

Kharuddin, A. F., Azid, N., Mustafa, Z., Ibrahim, K. F. K., & Kharuddin, D. Application of Structural Equation Modelling in Estimating the Contributing Factors to Mathematics Performance. Albukhary Social Business Journal (2020)

Ibrahim, K. F. K., Kharuddin, A. F., Mustafa, Z., Azid, N., & Kharuddin, D. An International Comparative Study of Student’s Attitude towards Science in Four Asian Countries. Albukhary Social Business Journal (2020)


Grant ID: FRGS – FRGS/1/2016/STG06/IIUM/03/1 Title: Consolidated back propagation training of supervised MLP neural network using improved firefly algorithm least median squares Duration: 30/11/2016 – 31/5/2018 (1.5 years) Amount: RM20,000.00, 2016-2018

Grant ID: AlamFlora/1/2016/AF05/IIUM/01/2 Title: Kajian Perspesi Pelanggan (Customer Perception Survey) Untuk Perkhidmatan Kutipan Sisa Pepejal & Pembersihan Awam Oleh Alam Flora Sdn Bhd Duration: 01/07/2015 – 31/12/2015 (6 months) Amount: RM60,000.00, 2015

Grant ID: (Co-researcher) CIDB1/2016/C03/IIUM/01/1 Title: Perkhidmatan Perundingan Kajian Impak Berkenaan Pelaksanaan Penguatkuasaan ISO14001 kepada kontraktor G7 dengan nilai projek RM500 Juta dan ke atas Duration: 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2016 (12 months) Amount: RM100,000.00, 2016

Kajian Perkhidmatan Taska di Malaysia (ref: LTBKS/01/2016) Appointment as a member of the consultancy team for the project awarded by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) with UNITAR International University – Duration: 01/10/2016 – 30/09/201 (12 months) Amount: RM500,000.00, 2016-2017

Grant ID: (Principle) – Unirazak: Title: A statistical integrated model of academic performance with an attitude towards mathematics and science acting as a mediator. Duration: 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020 (12 months), Amount: RM5,000.00

Grant ID: (Co-researcher) – Unirazak: Title: Prevalence of mental well -being and associated factors among undergraduate students of unirazak: a cross-sectional based study, Duration: 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020 (12 months), Amount: RM5,000.00

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Doctor of Philosophy

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