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Philosophy, History and Policy of Education



Level of Study

Bachelor Degree


In this course, students will gain a vast understanding of the social, historical, and philosophical contexts of educational policy and practice domestically and internationally. Students will be able to explore careers as college/university professors, researchers, and policymakers in schools, government, or non-governmental organizations. While studying, students will delve into educational topics involving religion, cultural diversity, gender, and social justice, among others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and discuss representative proponents and thoughts related to Idealism, Realism, Eastern, Pragmatism, Reconstructionism, Behaviorism, Existentialism, Analytic Philosophy, Marxism, and Postmodernism.
  • Describe the historical context of the various philosophies and discuss the relationship between theory, philosophy and educational practice.
  • Compare and contrast the philosophical perspectives of the various philosophers.
  • Justify the strengths and limitations of the various philosophies studied in ECE context.
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