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Customisable Training and Consultancy

Our training programmes and consultancy services are customisable to your corporate and organisational needs. We understand the need for companies to nurture an agile workforce that are able to add value in the age of IR 4.0.

We provide real world solutions to address key challenges delivered by highly qualified, industry-driven trainers across a large range of programmes.

Upskill, Reskill or acquire New Skills

Imagine a training and consultancy service that is relevant to your real world experiences and challenges.

A programme that drives ideas and gives you the ability to contribute to the skill base
of your teams.

We provide trainings and consultancy in the field of Management, Leadership, Communications, Entrepreneurship and Language.

We can work with you to provide a fully customised corporate learning solution to address your employee's requirements.

We offer specially designed learning solutions focused on addressing your organisation’s key challenges. We understand that each organisation is unique and we work in partnership with you to deliver solutions to your particular needs.

We can tailor existing programmes or develop a fully-customised corporate programme to include:

• identifying critical organisational issues
• conducting a comprehensive training-need analysis
• clarifying key learning outcomes
• developing a training program in consultation with key stakeholders
• conducting a pilot program
• program evaluation and follow-up

Our corporate programmes are designed according to adult learning principles, structured to meet the needs of different learning styles and incorporate practical exercises and group work where appropriate to ensure effective learning transfer.

Case studies and examples drawn from your organisation or industry sector can be incorporated to ensure maximum relevance of programme content, and to facilitate the immediate application of the knowledge and skills gained in your workplace.

Cost savings – highly cost-effective and time-efficient

Convenience – we can present our courses at your premises, our venue or an alternative location at a time of your choosing

Relevance – off-the-shelf content can be tailored to suit your organisation. Your staff will benefit from both your and our individual attention

Discretion – if you or your staff have a confidential issue or project to work through, it can sometimes be difficult to discuss these in a public forum. An in-house course offers the opportunity to develop your staff with discretion

Quality – you will experience the same quality of content and presenter you’ve come to expect from our public courses

Follow up – we provide a report on participants' feedback ensuring you have a record of the success of the event

Cost-effective customised corporate courses
Courses offered on our public program can be adapted to meet your organisation’s specific needs and delivered on your premises or at a location to suit you. We currently offer a number of courses, which can be presented in a similar format to the public course, or we can combine and adapt elements from different courses.

We expect and deliver extremely high standard industry-driven trainings and consultancy.

All our trainers have high level qualifications in their areas of expertise as well as extensive training and consultancy experience.

We engage experts, practitioners and consultants to ensure a wide range of approaches.

Corporate training fees vary depending on the number of participants, student materials and the cost for trainers.

Content can be customised to suit your organisation.

This may include placing more or less emphasis on particular topics, changing the order of sessions, or substituting/including relevant case studies or examples provided by you.

CCE UNIRAZAK can be your training and consultancy partner in accrediting your in-house training programme subject to the mapping of the learning outcomes.

Let us be your external accreditor.

We can deliver the programmes at your premises or for convenience, we can arrange a booking at our preferred venue or a location of your choice at an additional fee.

All participants will receive comprehensive programme notes and a certificate of completion or attendance.

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