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What’s GREAT

Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) is home to world-renowned experts from a range of disciplines.

In 2020, UNIRAZAK developed a structure with a better research ecosystem and is comprehensively in line with the current need for multidisciplinary approaches in solving research problem.

The Grand Research Title (GREAT) Project offers expertise in fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, accountant, education, public policy and governance as well as management.

This initiative is developed to strengthen research activities as well as enhance research quality and productivity.

The mission of the GREAT Project is to promote the highest quality postgraduate education and can be used as a steppingstone for potential PhD and MPhil scholars.

GREAT will allow students to engage with highly ranked faculty and strong scholarly support.

7 GREAT Categories

Accounting and Finance cluster intends to provide a base for lecturers to develop and display their potential, proficiency, and involvement in research, as well as consultancy in relevant areas. Its long-term target is for UNIRAZAK to be the leader in spearheading research and consultancy in the areas of Accounting & Finance in Malaysia. The world of accounting and finance has become more intricate and in order to remain relevant, a university has to have the aptitude and prowess in this niche area.

Field of Expertise:
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Management Accounting and Integrated Reporting
Islamic Banking & Finance
Contemporary Banking & Finance
Auditing & Corporate Governance
Public Sector Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance in Education
Head of Cluster
Prof Dr Zulkifflee Mohamed
Prof. Emeritus Dr. Barjoyai Bardai
Assoc. Prof. Dr Yaziz Md Isa
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheok
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Omaima
Asst. Prof. Dr. Chong K-Rine
Nur Atiqah Abd Rahmali
The Education, Early Childhood Education and Humanities research cluster incorporates researchers whose work crosses, and intersects with a range of disciplines, methodologies and theoretical frameworks. This research includes children, parents, families, caretakers, teachers and the wide range of professionals who work with them.
Field of Expertise:
Educational Technology
Child development
Head of Cluster
Assoc Prof Dr Zaida Mustafa
Asst Dr Hamidah Mohamad
Dr Fatimah Tambi
Lilie Zahara
Ms Noor ‘Olya
Mdm Ku Faridah

The focus of this cluster embodies a quadruple entrepreneurship helix designed to engage and support academia, industry, government, and community within an increasingly knowledge-based economy. UNIRAZAK has focussed on entrepreneurship research and education both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels since 2008. This cluster follows from UNIRAZAK’s excellent tradition of creating an impact across many entrepreneurial fields e.g., education, marketing, and finance, directly benefiting UNIRAZAK students, SME’s, and government agencies.

Broadly this research cluster will engage our stakeholders across and via five key research bands.

Band 1 – Cognitive aspects of entrepreneurship. Here the cognitive aspects of entrepreneurship will be the focus.

Band 2 – Demographic and personality determinants of entrepreneurship. This covers entrepreneurship determinants e.g., social capital, human capital, and personality-types, all within the context of the macro-economy.

Band 3 – The theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurship. Conceptual papers that review, adapt, and maybe even revise theories that impact entrepreneurship will fit this band.

Band 4 – Entrepreneurial finance and innovation. This will encapsulate venture capital, business angels, SMEs finance, fintech and broader public policy that support such initiatives.

Band 5 – Entrepreneurial strategy. This considers the strategic importance of networks, partnerships, and innovation for and of resources, including knowledge, for superior sustainable performance.

(adapted from Thomson Reuters, Web of Science)

Overall, the entrepreneurial intent of this cluster is to foster an orientation for action research and in so doing pave the way for purposeful and practical applications.

Field of Expertise:
High Growth Entrepreneurship
Education and Training in Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Financing Process
Entrepreneurial Employee Activity
Innovation and entrepreneurs
Total Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA)
Necessity vs Opportunity Driven Entrepreneurs
Rural vs Urban Entrepreneurial levels
Fear of Failure in Entrepreneurship
Societal Values and Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Entrepreneurs
Youth Entrepreneurs
Women’s entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Ecosystems
ASEAN Entrepreneurial Environment
Malaysia Entrepreneurial Environment
Bumiputra Environment
Head of Cluster
Prof Dr Siri Roland Xavier
Asst Prof Dr Noorseha
Assoc Prof Dr Gazi
Asst Prof Dr Farhana
Asst Prof Dr Khalidah
Asst Prof Dr Latifah
Nur Atiqah Abd Rahmali
Assoc Prof Dr Yaziz

This cluster addresses leadership research in its widest sense. Leadership research, education, training and best practices have been a strategic thrust and theme of the university for the past decade. With the support of Yayasan Tun Ismail Ali Berdaftar and Permodalan Nasional Berhad, the university was endowed with four professorial chairs in Leadership, Crisis Leadership and Resilience, Futuristic Leadership, and, Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The university has had an inclusive and broad perspective on leadership and strategy. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, our researchers and students do not just focus on commercial organisations and the private sector, but also consider leadership in public service organisations – including the public sector and not-for-profit organisations – which better reflects the make-up of our student population and society in general.

Being culturally diverse with many ethnic and indigenous groups within the population, Malaysia has an interesting and rich perspective on leadership, tracing roots, belief systems and values across the Malay Archipelago (Nusantara), China, India and other Asia Pacific countries.

Field of Expertise:
Leadership and Strategy
Leadership and Marketing
Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Leadership and Performance Management
Leadership in the Government
Leadership in the Private Sector
Leadership in Higher Education
Head of Cluster
Prof Dr Mohar Yusof
Prof Datin Paduka Dr Samsinar Md Sidin
Asst. Prof. Dr. Zuhaili Akmal Ismail
Mdm Jenny Maria Gryzelius
Prof Dr Ibrahim Zahari
Asst Prof Dr Farhana Tahmida Newaz
Asst Prof Dr Johari Mat
Asst. Prof. Dr. Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin
Mr Nor Azami Rosli
Mdm Ku Faridah Ku Ibrahim

This cluster aims to make significant contribution to the advancement of management debate. It also aims to enhance the continuation of the UNIRAZAK research in the field of Applied management, where UNIRAZAK has obtained a leading position relative to its peers. The program’s emphasis is on empirical, applied and policy-oriented research. The empirical findings would serve as important inputs for strategic management formulations and contribute to future academia.

Field of Expertise:
Human resource management
Total quality management
Supply chain management
General Management
Head of Cluster
Prof Dr Benjamin Chan Yin Fah
Prof Datin Paduka Dr Samsinar Md Sidin
Asst Prof Dr Farhana Tahmida Newaz
Asst Prof Dr Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin
Asst. Prof. Dr. Yap Woon Kan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gazi Md Nurul Islam
In this research cluster, it explores a diverse set of central policy issues, ranging from civil service management to corruption, politics and business to name just a few. The aim is to inform government efforts, public debates and high-level policy and management decisions to ensure inclusive and rational policies. The cluster hopes to collaborate and engage with governance institutions and work alongside with think tanks and other universities, nationally and internationally, and share lessons about government engagement and governance among each other.
Field of Expertise:
Governance and the new normal
Governance in business management
Governance and innovation
Discretion and Accountability
Governance: Who controls whom?
Regulatory governance and Business
Head of Cluster
Prof Dr Nik Rosnah Wan Abdullah
Dr Anthony Yap Woon Kan
Prof Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Mahbob
Mdm Jenny Maria Gryzelius

Malaysia needs highly skilled workers to fill demand gaps in numerous industries, especially those driving economic transformation. The government has identified technical and vocational education and training (TVET) as the key source of highly skilled workers. To define, TVET is education and training that prepares people for work through formal, non-formal and informal learning approach.

Today, TVET has been identified as a critical component in achieving the country’s aim of becoming a high-income nation by 2020. (JPM 2010). This is to ensure a continuous, adequate, and timely supply of multi-skilled workers capable of meeting the country’s development needs. Further initiatives to be done include a greater emphasis on improving the quality of education and skills-based training, increasing awareness and improving the perception of TVET, and strengthening engagement with companies for better recognition.

UNIRAZAK has established a TVET cluster as part of the GREAT Project to allow postgraduate students to focus their master’s or doctoral studies on TVET research. Those who are interested in the following topics should contact us for additional information about pursuing a postgraduate degree at UNIRAZAK.

Potential Research Title / Field of Expertise:
  1. Kajian Tentang Tahap Kerjasama Pusat TVET Dengan Perniagaan dan Industri di Malaysia
  2. Kajian Tentang Perhubungan TVET Dan Keperluan Kemahiran Masa Depan (Future Skills)
  3. Kajian Dalam Meningkatkan Kesesuaian Dan Kualiti Peraturan Dan Strategi TVET di Malaysia
  4. Kajian Kesediaan Syarikat Swasta Dalam Penerimaan TVET
  5. Kajian Dalam Penjenamaan Semula TVET
  6. Kajian Dalam Memperkukuhkan Penglibatan Pemimpin Tertinggi Organisasi Swasta Dalam TVET
  7. Kajian Dalam Meningkatkan Kualiti Pengendalian Latihan TVET
  8. Kajian Tahap Penerimaan Industry Terhadap Latihan Berasakan Industri (Dual Training)
  9. Analisis Penawaran Dan Permintaan Terhadap Graduan TVET (SPKM) Mengikut Lima Sektor Utama Ekonomi Malaysia
  10. Kajian Tahap Penerimaan Majikan Terhadap Sistem Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia (SPKM)
Head of Cluster
Asst Prof Dr Johari Mat
Prof Datin Paduka Dr Samsinar Md Sidin
Prof Dr Zulkifflee Mohamed
Prof Dr Benjamin Chan Yin Fah

PhD Programmes

Doctor of PhilosophyDoctor of Philosophy in Education
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