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At UNIRAZAK, It’s Never Too Late to Level Up!

Noryusmiza bin Abu Nasir
Noryusmiza Abu Nasir is one of the many working adults studying here at UNIRAZAK hoping to expand their skills to contribute better to their companies. In this story, he shares his struggles and experiences before and after he enrolled into UNIRAZAK, hoping to inspire others.
Tell us about yourself and what inspires you to further your study?

Importance of education is something that I’ve always known. I always stress it out to my family on having formal education and certification regardless of anything else.

I didn’t want the things that happened to me to happen to my children. I still remember back in 1990 when my eldest brother convinced me to concentrate on our family business. The ongoing project in Nibong Tebal needed the extra attention because a lot of money has been invested into the project and my family wanted my help.

I was studying for a Diploma in Accountancy and Economics at Stamford College, Bangunan Cahaya Suria at the time and had only about 5 months left before completing my studies.

I didn’t hesitate and decided to abandon my studies because at the time, I knew after getting my Diploma, I’d end up working for someone else and I wanted to have that upper hand in business by starting right there and then.

It appeared that I have made a bad decision because the business had its ups and downs. When the situation became worse, the company bled out cash and we had to close down the entire thing before we had to suffer any more losses.  

With no qualifications on paper, I had to be street smart to find jobs. I ventured into marketing, investment, audio and visual production and many more. When you didn’t really have the experiences or skills, you had to start from the bottom and slowly climb up the ladder.

Sometimes, it took so long, I got bored before I was able to actually achieve anything significant and found myself starting from scratch again in a different field. Finally, I become “Jack of all trades, master of none”. The 1998 national’s financial crisis hit me hard. I only managed to work as an Administrative Assistant to get an income of RM1,000 per month not only to support myself but also my family.

It took me 22 years to hold a director’s position but I will always remember the opportunities that I missed out on just because I didn’t have a degree. People respected my opinions but I wasn’t always taken seriously when they realised I was just someone with an SPM.

I did try to further my studies in 2008 but put my intention to halt because of the workload and scheduling that required so much commitment on top of my job and responsibilities as a husband and father for at least 5 years. In 2018, I found out about UNIRAZAK’s Online Distance Learning (ODL) and with the assistance of UNIRAZAK’s team, I began pursuing my bachelor’s degree. 

What major do you study at UNIRAZAK and why did you choose the major?

I chose to major in Bachelor of Management (BOM) because while working, I’ve gathered a lot of experiences in leadership and managerial programmes with NGO’s, business as well as political parties.

Having to socialise with many people from different backgrounds and age, I find the need to learn newer terminology and strategies in order to be able to deliver my message to the younger generation.

Having to study and focus on your career at the same time, how do you find the balance between work and study?

At UNIRAZAK, we started using online platform learning in 2018. Since then, we have maximised the use of UROX, Zoom and exam via Talent Go. Even from the beginning, we have utilised the space so we understand the workflow and figured out the shortcomings that came with it.

So, when COVID-19 put us in total lockdown in 2020 and everybody was forced to go online, it took away some of the surprise from us as we were already familiar with the concept and were able to continue our studies without delay.

As for working adults, the online platform gave me better time management and if I had trouble understanding the class, I could just watch the recording to do revision in my own time.

Can you share more about studying through online distance learning at UNIRAZAK?

I have a friend who was studying at another university with a similar concept. From what I was told, the tools and system are user-friendly and not student-centralised.

UROX (Canvas Instructure) offered by UNIRAZAK as its Web-Based Learning Management System (LMS) founded in 2008 and is considered a pioneer in Web-based LMS. For me, if 4,000 learning institutions used it, more students are able to manage their studies better and get better grades.

Can you share with us more on how UNIRAZAK truly helps with elevating your future?

Furthering my education, getting recognition and to be able to share it with others have always been on my checklist. Though I have almost 30 years of experience working in different fields, I need to be able to communicate fluently before I could share with others.

I believe that’s how academicians and educators do it so they can reach their students better.

I chose UNIRAZAK because I believe the spirit of the University upholds the core values of HEROES. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Your advice to the new students or any working adult who would love to further their study.

I lost 20 years of my time to make a decision. Don’t make the same mistake as me. It is important to get yourselves formally educated and hold your certificates proudly when you graduate with flying colours.

You already won the first perception in your life which means next will be the battle to position your ideas, strategies and skill. UNIRAZAK has helped those working adults to get certified in their related field. As students, we were taught to understand the struggle to compete in the real world.

It is of utmost importance for the new student and others out there to take the challenge to get certified, legitimately. The ODL programme at UNIRAZAK will simplify your timetable and make it more manageable to divide time between work, business, studying and spending time with your family. 

It is a 3-year program with the 9 semesters and now I’m already in my 7th semester. At this point, I’m already looking for my masters and PhD options. I feel thankful to be able to do all this while still working and spending time with my family.

Be brave to take a leap of faith, be smart at managing your time and be honest. Even though you can outsmart the system, at the end of the day, it is you who holds the degree and you want to hold it with honour.

Be bold and courageous, take that leap of faith and let’s get yourselves recognised.

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