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PhD Supervisor Profile

Dr. Benjamin
Chan Yin Fah
Academic Qualification

Bachelor Science (Human Development), (Universiti Putra Malaysia), 2003

Master of Science (Human Development), (Universiti Putra Malaysia), 2006

PhD (Gerontology), (Universiti Putra Malaysia), 2012

Selected Publications

Past TEN (10) years

Chan, Y.F.B., Jariah Masud, Tengku Aizan Hamid & Laily Paim (2010). Financial Wellbeing of Older Peninsular Malaysians: A Gender Comparison. Asian Social Science. 6 (3), 58-71. ISSN:1911-2025

Chan, Y.F.B., Tengku Aizan Hamid, Jariah Masud, Laily Paim (2010). Predictors of Financial Dependency in Old Age in Peninsular Malaysia: An Ethnicity Comparison. Asian Social Science. 6(6), 54-62. ISSN:1911-2025

Chan, Y.F.B., Laily Paim, Jariah Masud, Tengku Aizan Hamid, (2010). The Future of the Malaysian Older Employees: An Exploratory Study. International Journal of Business and Management 5(4), 125-132. ISSN 1833-8119

Chan, Y.F.B., Yeoh, S.F.,, Lim C.L., Syuhaily, O (2010). An Exploratory Study on Turnover Intention among Private Sector Employees. International Journal of Business and Management 5(8), 57-64. ISSN 1833-8119

Chan, Y.F.B., Tengku-Aizan Hamid, Jariah Masud, Laily Paim. Financial Satisfaction among Older Malaysians in Peninsular Malaysia. International Journal of Social Policy and Society. ISSN: 1823-0865

Chan, Y.F.B., Syuhaily, O (2011). A Survey of Factors That Affect Student’s Grades of Lecturer. International Education Studies. Vol 4(1)., P44-50 ISSN: 1913-9039

Chan, Y.F.B., Osman, S., & Foon, Y.S (2011). Simulation of Sales Promotions towards Buying Behavior among University Students. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 3(3), 78- 88. DOI: 10.5539/ijms.v3n3p78

Chan, Y.F.B and Syuhaily, O (2011). An Exploratory Study of the Relationships between Advertising Appeals, Spending Tendency, Perceived Social Status and Materialism on Perfume Purchasing Behavior. International Journal of Business and Social Science,Vol. 2(10), 202-208

Chan, Y.F.B (2012). Net Flow and Net Worth among Older Malaysians. Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies. Vol 1(2). 26-38. ISSN 2047-1278

Chan, Y.F.B., Aw Yoke-Cheng, Yousefi., D (2013). An Exploratory Of Airline E-Ticket Purchasing Intention Among Foreign Undergraduates In Malaysia. Journal of Human and Social Science Research. Vol. 1, No. 1 (2013), 51-61

Chan, Y.F.B., , Lim, Y.M., Han, K.S (2013). A study on shopping orientation and online purchase intention: a comparison of university students among three races. Journal of Human and Social Science Research. Vol. 1, No. 1 (2013), 51-61

Radmila., S.J, Chan, Y.F.B, Lim, L.C., Han, K.S (2014). A Study an Unpleasant Banking Experiences and Complaint Behavior in Kazakhstan. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 2014, 4(7): 835-843,

Chan, Y.F.B., Yeoh., S.F, Migin., W.M (2016). Counselling Services Utilisation In A Malaysia Private University. International Education Studies. 9(3), 353-61. DOI: 10.5539/ies.v9n3p53

Chan, Y.F.B., Du., Y.Q (2016). Four Frame Leadership Orientations and Job Performance among Beijing Working Adults. International Business Management. 10(16). 3575-3579                                           

Aigerim. B., Chan.Y.F.B, Sueraya. B.M.A., 2018. Retirement Preparedness amongst Working Adults in Kazakhstan. Bulletin of National Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Kazakhstan. Vol 6. PP 51-57. ISSN 1991-3494.

Madina. T., Aigerim. B., Chan, Y.FB., 2018. Female Entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan. Bulletin of National Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Kazakhstan. Vol 6. PP 127-133. ISSN 1991- 3494.

Novieta, IP, Chan. Y.F.B, Lim, Li-Chen, Poon, Wai-Chuen (2020) Go-Jek Company: Go-Jek’s Rise to Dominating Indonesian’s Markets and Southeast Asean, TEST Engineering & Management 82 (Jan-Feb 2020), 735-743

Professional Memberships

Honorary Secretary of Gerontological Association of Malaysia

Chief Editor, Sumerianz Journal of Economic and Finance

Editorial Board, aSIA Journal of Management

Standard Development Technical Committee, Standard Malaysia

Subject Matter Expert For The Development Of Hrd Corp Industrial Skills Framework (Indsf)

Research Grant or Consultancy Project

(Title, duration)

The Influence of Culture and Mentality on Retirement Planning, 2017-2018

Productivity And Efficiency Modeling Amongst ASEAN-5 Airline Industries,2017-2018

A Study on Accreditation and Improvement in Quality Healthcare Services,2017 till2018

Profiling The Financial Investment Decision Making Among Malaysian Adults (39-59) And Older Persons (60+) by Net Worth Approach,2015-2016

Monetary integration in Asean-5 plus 3; using SVAR analysis and artificial intelligence systems,  2013-2015

Economic wellbeing and human capital investment amongst Female household, 2007 -2010

Social Planning in Family and Community Services), 2007 -2010

Investigating and Assessing the Risk Factors, Mobility and Behavioural Patterns, and Perception of Needs and Barriers Of Older Road Users in Malaysia,  2007 -2010

Economic and Financial Aspects of Aging, 2001-2003

A Survey of Traffic, consultancy Job from Road safety and Research Centre, 2003-2005

Module Teaching Experiences

(name, level)

Research Methodology (Master level)

Managing Organization (Master level)

Organisational Psychology (Master level)

Organisation Behavior (Master level)

Principle of Management (Degree level)

GREAT Grand Research Title

The Grand Research Title (GREAT) Project offers expertise in fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, accountant, education, public policy and governance as well as management.

Doctor of Philosophy

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