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From Tan Sri Tony Fernandes with his infamous tagline, “Now, Everyone can fly” to our own, Datuk Wira Dr Ameer Ali Mydin, with his business tagline of “Why Pay More? But at Wholesale Prices!”, our Razakians are the future social entrepreneurs, where the concept of new innovative ideas, know-how, and resources is harnessed to enrich lives and effect positive changes for a more robust and resilient Malaysia and eventually, the World! Instead of working as individuals, they define the culture and emphasise an environment of partnership, teamwork, trust, and respect.
The Student Lounge, better known as the School of Happiness, works as a co-working space at UNIRAZAK that equips Razakians with a professional environment where they can work, talk, meet, brainstorm and inspire each other.
School of Happiness is where Razakians catch up, drink coffee, or have lunch provided by lunchrooms in the neighbourhood while watching Netflix. The co-working space allows true freedom and mobility. The culture is conducive to the genuinely organic collaboration and conversations that are struck up. The area provides for innovation – enabling Razakians with unique skills and talents to connect and collaborate.
You won’t find a cookie-cutter definition of academic excellence or character here. Students’ diversity in terms of an amalgamation of diverse political views, religious backgrounds, and extracurricular interests are abundant and dynamic at UNIRAZAK!
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