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UR Success Story – Best Student Award (School of Taxation)

Hanis Hamizah Wahab
The receiver for the School of Taxation Best Student Award is a girl who was born and bred in Kuala Terengganu. Being good at numbers in high school, she was encouraged by her Additional Mathematics teacher to pursue Accounting. After receiving a full sponsorship offer from Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera, Hanis Hamizah Wahab began her journey at UNIRAZAK in Bachelor of Accounting, a program accredited by CPA Australia where she obtained the Dean’s List Award for four consecutive years since 2016.
UR: How does it feel to receive the Best Student Award? 

HH: It definitely has been one of my dreams to be awarded ever since I began studying at UNIRAZAK, but to actually be awarded caught me by surprise.

I’m thankful to be recognised for my hard work.

UR: It has been a year since the pandemic hit us, can you share some of the challenges you went through in the new normal. 

HH: I took some time to get used to online learning at first because I find it very difficult to keep my focus during the classes. But to make sure I wouldn’t miss out, I had to adapt quickly and these really helped:

Suitable environment helps! – I made sure my family members know if I had any online class going on so my surrounding is quiet and not distracting.

Mentally prepare myself – I try to get my mindset straight that I need to focus on class no matter what.

Respond to the lecturers – I used to be a passive student in physical classes, but it doesn’t work in online classes. Two-way communication helped me maintain my focus during class.

UROX works wonders. It has made it easier for me to find notes, review recorded classes and keep track of my class schedules. Some lecturers also used other apps for impromptu tests – like Kahoot & Schoology.

I appreciate how Mr Chandran tried really hard to make it convenient for us at the beginning of our online learning and also online exam. Kudos to him, I really respect him for that. He should really get an award too.

UR: What was your favourite part about studying at UNIRAZAK? 

HH: My favourite part of UNIRAZAK definitely has to be the lecturers they have. The lecturers are really helpful towards us students.

With their knowledge and experiences, I was able to learn a lot from them. Attending classes at the old campus at Jalan Tangsi was also one of the memorable moments for me.


UR: Which instructor(s) influenced you most? 

HH: Madam Shiela William. She’s the lecturer for Advanced Audit and Assurance, one of the CPA subjects. She’s one of the very passionate lecturers we have at UNIRAZAK and I really adore her.

She tried her best to make sure her students understand the subject she’s teaching – even if she needs to draw, make an extra video, explain the same things again and again, create acronyms just to make it easier for her students to remember more dicult things in the subject.


UR: What is one piece of advice you would give to new students? 

HH: I hope that new students will take their studies seriously and at the same to get involved with extracurricular things to get the entire college experience.

The clubs and societies at UNIRAZAK will help you collect memories that you’ll cherish after you graduate later on.

You may even make new friends that you’ll keep for the rest of your life. 

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