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Juliyus Allen, The President of The Student Representative Council UNIRAZAK 20/21

Majoring in Government and Public Policy from the School Of Government (3.54 CGPA) attending Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK), with continuous experience in non- governmental and political organizations.

Being a young graduate and leader with a broad set of skills, knowledgeable and specializing in Government And Political Affairs.

Well-rounded, hands- on and an impact-orientated leader with continuously improving skills. Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of research, government policy and affairs consulting skills to successfully fill the internship role in the opportunity present.

Final year student in Bachelor of Arts (Government & Public Policy) (Honours) Tun Razak School Of Government. Currently , doing an internship for a period of 6 months in the Deputy Speaker’s Office , House Of Representatives Parliament Malaysia.

Youth: The Hope and Future of The Nation

There is no secret that UNIRAZAK is a household name that  produces great leaders and talents to meet the increasingly high demand from the industries. I am proud to proclaim that this university is the alma mater of a few cabinet ministers in the present government.

Kudos to the lecturers in the university, who have consistently stepped up the game to ensure that what are being taught in the university are always relevant to the industries. It would have been a jittery experience for me as a final year student, whom is about to enter the labour market soon, if UNIRAZAK’s School of Government has not been meticulously prepared me for “D” day.

It makes a lot of difference just by knowing that there is a team of dedicated faculty members that are always behind you all the way.

Besides that, the values, knowledge, skills and out-of-classroom exposures that I have acquired throughout my years of study in TARSOG have built much confidence in me as I face my future ahead, knowing that I have become a much more knowledgeable and capable person than I was, before joining the school.

Most importantly, it has made me ready to not just strive for my future but also to the serve my country and its people.

As a student of  TARSOG, I have been given many opportunities to use my talent in ways that can benefit not only myself but also others. By being a member to the student representative council, a non- governmental and a few political organizations, I have managed to utilize and practice  what I have learnt in my studies by applying it in real life situations.

This is what TARSOG is all about, it embraces the idea that nation building and good governance can only be translated into actions when we contribute our knowledge, idealism and leadership to the nation. We abide to the wisdom that in order to bring change in the society and governmental legislation, first you have to be part of the system.

I am who I am today is because of the choices I made yesterday. I am thankful for the day that I came across  TARSOG and made a decision to be a part of it. I knew my ambitions and path to a brighter future had become more certain and guaranteed when I enrolled in the school.

Being a young graduate and leader with a broad set of skills, knowledge and specializing in Government And Political Affairs, I certainly have the feeling that I can take on the world.

For that, I have to convey my greatest appreciation to each and every lecturer in UNIRAZAK who has taught me since the day I enrolled for this course.


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