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Razakians’ Brought Art Therapy to KL Homeless Transit Centre

July 27, 2022


25 UNIRAZAK students and 5 staff members made a special trip to the Kuala Lumpur Homeless Transit Centre recently as part of the university’s foundation programme orientation.

Senior Counsellor, Encik Mohd Syafiq Bin Japar, the SXD team and UNIRAZAK students organised an art therapy session for the transit residents as a means to help them explore their emotions, reduce their anxiety and help increase their self-esteem. The therapy also helped Razakians and residents bond, and talked more freely throughout the visit.

An advise given by a resident to Razakians still lingered in everyone’s minds, “a tree is like life itself. It grows anywhere, in a valley or under a bridge, but it still bears fruit. No matter what situation we face, be like the tree and always give and do good.” (translated from Bahasa Malaysia).

He further reminded Razakians to “always be respectful and remember our parents regardless who they are. As children, as long as they are around, remember them. Visit them. Don’t give excuses for not going home to visit. If you have some time, use the technology we have. Give them a video call. If you don’t want to video call them, phone them or even message them is enough.”

Other activities organised during the visit included exercise session, breakfast and shelter cleaning.

The Student Experience Department handles the overall students’ well-being at UNIRAZAK from enrichment programmes, counselling, student activities, academic and career advisory. Corporate Social Responsibility activities are regularly held to provide exposure as well as instill humility and care for society amongst the student body.

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