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UR Success Story – Best Student Award (Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneurship)

Ellyana Syaheera Ramlee

Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneurship Best Student Award has been granted to a 23-year-old girl from Selangor; Ellyana Syaheera Ramlee.

Islamic Banking and Finance has always been fascinating to Ellyana and for her, pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) Islamic Banking and Finance at UNIRAZAK was a dream come true.

Her passion and ambitiousness helped her carve her way for a successful career. Now, Ellyana is an administrator of client operations at a multinational bank in Malaysia.

UR: How does it feel to receive the Best Student Award? 

ES: I am deeply honoured to receive this award which was something that I was only able to imagine my whole life. To be recognised for my hard work and effort is nevertheless the best appreciation.

However, this could’ve been impossible without the help and blessings from my parents, peers and lecturers who definitely contributed the most to this recognition. I’m thankful to them.

UR: It has been a year since the pandemic hit us, can you share some of the challenges you went through in the new normal. 

ES: Honestly, the new normal has never been a child’s play. Online learning got me stuck in between the struggles of coping with studies and the daily errands and happenings at home.

Nonetheless, nothing beats determination. These obstacles have fired me up to create a schedule for myself so that could balance between the two. Yes, the main key is scheduling.

In fact, UNIRAZAK has provided an online system; UROX that allows the students to download learning materials whenever we need them that allows exibility for us to do revision on our own time.

UR: What was your favourite part about studying at UNIRAZAK? 

ES: My favourite part of UNIRAZAK is indeed the lecturers. My lecturers are very well knowledgeable, affable and have always been open and transparent to us students. It made learning feel easier with their support. I also loved the fact that our campus is in central Kuala

Lumpur is surrounded by banking and financial buildings, making it undeniably exhilarating and motivating. This allowed us to do class activities on banking subjects while exploring the actual building around KL.

UR: Which instructor(s) influenced you most?

ES: I would definitely say Madam Nur Atiqah has the biggest influence on me. She is highly knowledgeable in the banking and financial industries.

Not only does she have plenty of theoretical operation knowledge for both conventional and Islamic banking, but she also has always made it easy for us to understand through various class activities.

She is one of the reasons I developed my interest to learn about banking even more. Prof Dr Omaima is also one of the biggest influences in my life.

She made me realise the importance of acknowledging Shariah and the Islamic banking industry especially as a Muslim.

UR: What is one piece of advice you would give to new students? 

ES: As an alumnus, I want to encourage new Razakians to look and follow your passion in life.

The power of passion leads to various positivity; hard work, planning, actions and more. Hence, it will help you work towards determining your successful future.