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The last one and a half years have seen the world catapulted head on into digitisation of possibly every aspect of daily life. As the digital and physical worlds become increasingly integrated, it is almost unfathomable for one to exist without the other.

The education industry is one such example. It took more than 150 years for blackboards to be replaced by whiteboards but it only took another 40 years for those to be replaced with the first Learning Management System (LMS), introduced in the late 1990s.

At the turn of the millennium, e-learning or online learning was introduced to assist conventional learning but a mere decade later, complete online courses from the best universities in the world are readily available for everyone. E-learning is no longer new, nor is it abnormal. E-learning is the new normal.

In our effort to be the premier school of business, government and education in Malaysia, UNIRAZAK is the first Malaysian university to invest in and integrate Canvas LMS into our UNIRAZAK Online Experience or UROX platform in 2018. We are indeed proud to partner Canvas as it is a global leader in learning management systems and now used by more than 3,000 universities, school districts and institutions around the world.

UNIRAZAK is always ready to cater to the industry’s growing demands by prepping our graduates to be future-ready, not only within Malaysia but globally. With that purpose in mind, UROX was established as our online learning platform as a practical step to adapt Razakians to the Age of Information and ensure that online teaching and learning can be more exciting, stimulating and engaging for both students and lecturers.

To ensure quality and efficiency, UROX is backed by the UNIRAZAK Digital Design and Development team or UR3D, a dedicated team to oversee and continuously develop UROX as a new normal for teaching and learning.

Change is inevitable. We can no longer be a “witness” to change. We must be the change. Be a Razakian.

Why Use


A complementary learning platform that supports the new normal and blends well into future needs where hybrid learning (face-to-face and digital) is set to become a permanent method of teaching and learning. Streamed lectures, online repository for notes, additional learning materials and assignments, quizzes, discussion boards, assessments, and lecturer feedbacks are just some of UROX’s key functions.

UROX carries a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use interface with both students and lecturers in mind. Its straightforward navigation allows lecturers to seamlessly plan their lessons effectively and creatively, while students will benefit from its smooth, efficient and time-saving learning experience. It creates a fun-focused online teaching game plan that results in a vibrant classroom environment and encourages greater engagement and motivations.

UROX is not limited to web browsers but is also made available for download on any mobile device. All you need is a device and internet connectivity, and your education can commence immediately anytime and anywhere around the world or in the safety and sanctity of your own home (especially during a nationwide lockdown), or at your favourite spot, sipping your favourite beverage.

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